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Default Are F/Os really scum?

Had a bit of a rude encounter yesterday. Flew a flight yesterday that had 12 first class pax, 64 coach pax, and a jumpseater. Jumpseater was a DL 737 capt based in ATL. He walks up to the cockpit, introduces himself to the capt, shows his credentials, etc. During the 2+hour flight, capt and j/s chat back and forth about some stuff they had in common. So I took the radios so they could chat undisturbed (it was my leg to fly). We land, taxi in, and start deplaning. J/S thanks the capt for the ride, shakes his hand, gathers his bags and leaves. He didn't say one word to me the entire time. Didn't look at me. Didn't acknowledge my existence.

My question is, isn't it professional courtesy to thank the crew, etc. for giving you a ride to work for free, especially in the jumpseat? As an f/o, am I really pond scum?
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