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Default PRIA and PRD

I have spoken to other pilots who have a PRIA event or 2 such as a checkride failure etc but when a potential new employer looks at the new FAA PRD database nothing is showing up. They even ran a check on themselves on the PRD and saw nothing.

I donít know if the potential new employer would then send off an old school PRIA request but this is what I have been told. I also watched an online video on the PRD where they say that your past employment history is only in the PRD if you the pilot actually enter it.

So I believe they get all the FAA PRIA stuff such as accidents, drug tests, failed checkrides etc. on the PRD regardless however not necessarily any past company history, training records etc, dismissal for performance or other etc.

Im not 100% sure on this but from watching the video this seems to be the case as you have control as to whether your past employment history goes in there.

The new employer could then potentially send of an old paper copy PRIA and FOIA but whether they would is anybodys guess. So definitely worth being honest in your interview about any past transgressions.
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