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Originally Posted by CFITlikely View Post
1. I've heard it's hard to go from a Fractional to the Legacies but maybe that's changing with how the current hiring market is. Do you think it's realistic that I could go to a Fractional and then make a decision to either stay or try to make a jump to a legacy from there?
Your best competitive bet for legacies is turbine PIC... that could take a while at fracs. It's possible with SIC, but they probably don't count frac SIC any different than regional SIC.

Originally Posted by CFITlikely View Post
2. When it comes down to it, I'd rather be at one that is more stable long term and can ride out the economic waves a little bit better. During Covid it seemed like the Fractional world recovered a lot faster than the airlines and so I guess my question is typically during down turns in the market, do you see the airlines or fractionals being more secure?
Fracs did better in covid due to wealthy people trying to avoid the unclean masses on airlines, and also avoid lockdown restrictions. Not sure that translates to a garden-variety recession, but somebody on here must remember how fracs did in 2008?

Also, legacy seniority progression is insane right now... grab a number and in a couple-three years you'll be above the conventional furlough high-water mark. At that point, odds are that the worst that can happen is you end up UNA not working for a while, but still getting paid guarantee for the smallest plane on property. First world problem.
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