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Originally Posted by cfii2007 View Post
I was recently typed in the BE300 with a PIC limitation (must be under SOE supervision for the first 20 hours).

Currently, the aircraft is flown with another PIC on board, switching flying duties every few hours.

How would I log the initial 20 hours as sole manipulator? SIC or PIC?
How would I log the time, post 20 hours as sole manipulator?

I believe the -300 is type certified for single pilot.
There is some muddy water here but the simple answer is only log PIC time for those flights in which you are listed as PIC on the paperwork.
One other note. ALL 135 passenger ops require an SIC UNLESS the operator holds OPSPEC A015 (use of auto pilot in lieu of SIC) which applies to aircraft with 9 passengers or less.

Yes the 300 is Type Certificated for Single pilot, so provided you complete all the other training and do not have the “SIC REQUIRED” limitation on your certificate you can operate single pilot as long as the operation allows it.
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