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Cool Mountain is now part of Wheels Up..

Originally Posted by multipilot View Post
Iím currently researching other part 135 and 91K companies.. What the story at Mountain Aviation?

Schedule? I understand is 15/13



Pay scale?

Overall job satisfaction and QOL?
Mountain Aviation is now part of Wheels Up, which is a quality operation.. There is more information on Top Secret operators L3, Avenge, etc. than there is on Mountain, because their pilots rarely post on here. Back when we started our CE-750 operations, but paid a lot less, we had 7 pilots head over there.. I believe that 2 are still there and generally have positive things to say. I believe that WUP gives you $35,000 in stock that is vested after 3 years. Maybe you will have some better luck finding things about Mountain now that they are part of WUP.
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