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Question OBAP Annual Conference (PHX - August)?

Hey guys,

Has anyone been to OBAP before? Thinking of attending the OBAP annual conference in Phoenix in August. I've never been to one of these conferences and had some questions. I don't see any specific info on meet and greet info. Do you just show up any one of the three days and wait in line? Do you schedule a specific appointment? Couldn't find any details on this on their website. I've sent them an email to try and get some more details. I highly doubt I can get all three days off, so I was hoping I could effectively use my time if I could only attend one day.

I will probably only have ~800 hours of turbine when I attend, so I wasn't sure if it was worth spending the $500 and attending. I wasn't planning to meet with Spirit or Frontier, even though that is probably more appropriate with my hours. I was more so hoping to meet with American, Delta, United and SWA to network and get my name out there. Figured it couldn't hurt.

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