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Originally Posted by C17B74 View Post
Yowza, they pulled a fast one on you unfortunately. Maybe get the deal/agreement written in the notes/memo section to hold them to it. Snapshot it of course just to be sure. When you start the 74 long haul there will be times where they attempt to fly you over and above. Know the limits/requirements and you can have some meaningful gains in your favor. Is it the JFK 767 pax operations you desire? Ticketed front end on day 1 looks enticing? Europe centric? Or something else.
*While Afghanistan was a thing, it was a great run for some of us 74 folks. Some decent runs thru Dubai, India, Liege, Kuwait, Doha, etc. Fun while it lasted.

MIA is phenomenal for those who live nearby. Definitely a highly sought after racket, hence the seniority.

Great advice and I'll make sure an email and/or memo goes with their words (especially on the 74 as you mention). I felt like an idiot for 2 days, but it was good flying anyways.
No desire for the PAX side, even tho I'd imagine the military crowd must be 100 times better behaved compared to regular passengers. Ticketed front end on day 1, and also last day on several lines. I'm from Spain, lived in Germany for quite a bit, and it really seems it'd be SUPER easy to move back there and make things work with scheduling. Plus I just love European destinations.
I bid ANC, but can hold any base at this point, including MIA, so I'll try to get intel from each of base, and see what I enjoy the most. I live in Colorado, so it takes about the same time going left or right really (pretty much).
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