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projection:if there were a Shut down Q4 2026, but could be unlikely and way to early for those projections. Also, more likely that pilots get stapled to DL and flight attendants are guaranteed face to face with no restrictions to get the face-to-face. As dl won’t merge endeavor fas cuz that would push a afa union vote .

Lots of factors @ play. If sky-west and republic were not hurting for pilots also , then yes, the shut down could happen. Right now , quick answer is no. Delta is still freaking out about pilots TBNT to endeavor and thus , Delta for a “career path”. People are saying no to the high school all-star and homecoming king , and that just doesn’t happen, but it did, and they have no clue how to handle it .

DG gave skywest 1/2 the country(the west) to operate for DL with no overlap and no cushion. Delta is contracted with skywest and republic and the source I have said, that delta is just waiting for republic and skywest to come to them and say ,they can’t handle the amount of flying they are doing due to crews. Until that time, nothing is going to be done here at endeavor, except try to ditch the 200. At least with skywest , you can read their 8-k and sec forms , which could give a little bit of a heads up . We know everytime skw gets a new 175, they, skw, has to give an atmosphere 900 to edv , where are they on that delivery? who knows.

Edv is out of captains by the fall and already people are being extended on the 200 with a minimum of 10-15 pairing changes during a 4day, in atl ,which is not typical. But in 2022 , it’s the new normal unfortunately.

good luck out there fam !
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