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Originally Posted by Selcall View Post
Here is the problem with Date of Hire:

DOH is only relative to your current employer. In the business world DOH from a previous employer has no relevance to your newest employer. On the day that the two airlines become one global airline officially we will all have a new DOH with that respective company. Now I am not saying anyone will loose their respective longevity towards benefits or anything else, but just trying to debunk the myth that your DOH at airline "ABC" and my DOH and airline "DEF" has any merit or validity at new airline "ABCDEF".

For this reason I think that relative seniority integration is the appropriate choice. We could always fall back to ALPA membership number and base all the seniority on how long you have been a member at ALPA but that will fly like a lead turd. I am trying to see why everyone is all bent out of shape about being integrated on a list where a pilot hired by airline ABC in 1989 is one number junior to a pilot hired by airline DEF in 1995 if both pilots' relative senoirity in the combined airline has them within 1 to 2 % of senoirity of their "PREVIOUS" Airline employer?

I think its moronic for people to assume that your years of experience by virtue of your DOH grant you the ability to jump ahead in seniority of people at another airline just because that person started at their company 6 years after you did.

If you truly believe that then why doesn't every MEC make it a National issue that every regional pilot who gets hired (by a new company!!!!) by a legacy airline, at LCC airline, or another regoinal airline; that his years of experience in the National Airspace system flying those "D*mn RJ's" around at his previous employer are credited to him on the new airline's seniority list. I mean they are clogging up airports and airspace all over the USA with those small jets and turbo props in the same places all us "Big Boys and our Toys" go so why not? You know why that doesn't happen? Because we sold that load of crap down the river years ago believing management's argument that first year pilots should receive significantly lower wages than their counterparts because we (the airline) cannot use them to create revenue for several months because we have to train them to fly our way and our planes. This is the only business in the world where an individual has to take a significant pay cut his first year to be promoted to the real airline jobs and the "big money". Only in the airlines industry does one get "promoted" to the big company and take a paycut. While their may be some, I doubt the number is significant, of people that take paycuts to get promoted in the business world.

I am amazed by the hiprocacy and just plain ignorance on the part of many people on this board who want to complain about "their seniority" and what they are losing without taking time to attempt to completely comprehend any and all proposals. Many of you need to stop pontificating, put down the keyboard and wait patiently to see exactly what is being offered and what the proposals are. Then after the facts are known let's get debate those facts and see what we can do to reach a compromise. What a novel idea.

Does this make you feel better that I quoted the whole thing now? What I was pointing out is that its easy to call someone a moron , when you sit on the side of the table with a sweet deal.

And "I" never tried to convience anyone of DOH or Relative, I think I have played Devils Advocate...and again, all I am saying is I WANT EQUITY TOO!!! Is that so wrong to want? Can anyone fault me b.c. I would like some cash as well.
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