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Default Airlines offering relief flights

Delta operated 20 flights out of New Orleans since Friday, evacuating about 2,000 people, says spokeswoman Chris Kelly. On Thursday, Delta CEO Gerald Grinstein flew to the city with 20,000 pounds of supplies and returned in the evening with 140 evacuees.

United operated "about a dozen flights" from New Orleans until Monday, says spokesman Jeff Green. Inbound planes contained 100,000 pounds of food and supplies. United is now working with officials to transport evacuees from Texas to Illinois.

Continental operated seven flights from New Orleans, evacuating about 1,000 people. It sent two additional flights from New York City over the weekend, transporting firefighters and firefighting equipment.

American Airlines says it remains on standby for any additional flights FEMA may request after making eight flights to transport Katrina survivors. Those included two flights to Nashville on Tuesday from Texas.

JetBlue ran seven flights, carrying 1,000 passengers. It has no more flights scheduled but could fly more, says spokeswoman Jenny Dervin.

Other airlines participating in the airlift: Alaska, America West, ATA, Northwest, Southwest, US Airways and Air Canada.
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