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Question Continued education after Aviation Degree

Here is my question: Does anyone here have any experience in continuing their education past an aviation degree? Has anyone here, after getting a BS in Aviation, went back for a Masters in something other than aviation? I am just finishing up my BS in Aviation at UVSC, and would like to continue with either another BS in another field or continue on with a masters in another field. What I am thinking is that the aviation degree isn't all that helpful in something other than aviation and I wouldn't mind having a back-up.

I know a bunch of people will post that I am stupid for getting the aviation degree in the first place, but you didn't tell me that when I started, and I am close enough to finishing now that it would be a waste to quit. For what it is worth, I took online classes and did my flight training at my local FBO.

Anyways, if anyone here has continued their education past an aviation degree, I would like to hear your story and see what transfered and how all that worked. Was it starting over for the most part, or is a BS enough to get you into a masters program without a lot of background in the subject?
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