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Originally Posted by surreal1221
Okay, once again. . .

I have a serious issue with companys firing / laying off people to reduce costs. Labor costs are not the issue.

Flying people for dirty cheap is the issue. Raise the prices, and make people pay the correct wage to fly. Rediculous.
That is a ridiculous statement. I don't know how old you are, but I can remember when I was a kid in the seventies and flying was a big fu$%ing deal. People dressed up nice and planned trips months in advance. It was the tail end of a great era. That era, however, meant that flying was a luxury and one that didn't happen often. Because people didn't fly as often, there wasn't a demand for as many pilots.
Now that you can get a plane ticket for cheaper than a bus pass, more people fly. More people flying means more pilot positions. Without cheap tickets, not as many people fly......catch my drift?
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