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Well, these latest developments are pretty neat. My biggest concern was that DALPA would use LOA 19 as a hammer and delay any joint contract until many NWA folks had been furloughed.

We started this latest process excruciatingly slow, and it looked like stalling was going to be the tactic. I don't know what caused the urgency from DAL management to work around the clock until an agreement was reached, but the bottom line is: we did reach it. I'm very proud of DALPA and NWALPA for getting this done.

Pretty strong rumors seem to indicate that Date of Hire is off the table, the ratio that figured in Delta's future aircraft options is also off the table, and a framework has us pretty close to agreement on an SLI. Could it be that we will actually agree on an SLI without arbitration? That would be absolutely historic. What an incredible start to the new Delta that would be.

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