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Originally Posted by PropNWA View Post
That's the thing I've been wondering about myself. I assume they will want to move some planes around ASAP. If, for example, they want some 400's in ATL, would they displace former NWA DTW 400 pilots to ATL. Or, I suppose they could theoretically start each 400 trip with a deadhead from DTW to ATL as a temporary measure until they get the single operating certificate. I'll be curious to see how it all works out.
What they would do is open a 747 category in ATL, and everyone gets to bid on it. Which is precisely why this SLI is so very impoortant. If the top NWA guys get protected, then Carl would get a paid move on top of everything else. (If he wanted to move... Not pickin on ya Carl, you are the only whale driver I "know") But let's assume Carl wants to get a 777 type rating. So much for the no bump-no flush concept, because if they draw down the DTW category, those guys have to go somewhere, and when they do, they could very well displace somebody in another category.
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