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Originally Posted by bigtoe View Post
in paragraph 2 you say "This company is outstanding in being flexible with your schedule." are you refering to the air japan or the cargo side??

Realistcally if i get on with the pax side will I be able to come to the states on my days off? Or is the pax side more for those that don't worry about comuting so much.

I know that on the cargo side it's a better for comutes to the states cause apparantly they guarantee you all your days off in a row.

I talked to the recruiter he said my package is ready to be sent to tokyo and relly need to decide on wich airline to go to.

Thanks all info helps
I can only speak to the Pax (AJX) side. I dont know anything about the cargo schedules.

Currently on the Pax side we have commuters from New York, Minnesota, LA and Hawaii. All of the guys have no problems with commuting to the US. PAX and cargo all have days off guaranteed in a row. You just get one extra day on the cargo side.

You will tell them what your choice of airline is but they may offer you a position with either. At least that was how it was when I interviewed. Either side is a pretty good deal.

Just something to think about. With the pay raise that we just got on the Pax side, there are some guys who's contracts are expiring that are leaving cargo to come back to the Pax side.
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