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Default Emirates A380 coming to SFO (4th) and LAX (5th)

Yea I cant wait to fly behind this one going into the 28's into SFO

Saw this posted via

The Emirates A380 is on its way again to JFK, but this time it will fly over to SFO and LAX
for demonstration flights.

The following times are all local for when u can expect the A380 in SFO and LAX

04 Aug 08 UAE7221 JFK dep 0800 SFO arr 1050
04 Aug 08 UAE7222 SFO dep 1400 SFO arr 1530
05 Aug 08 UAE7223 SFO dep 0800 LAX arr 0915
05 Aug 08 UAE7224 LAX dep 1100 LAX arr 1230
06 Aug 08 UAE7225 LAX dep 0800 JFK arr 1620
06 Aug 08 UAE3804 JFK dep 2100 DXB arr 1745 +
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