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Default Return to Flying Class II Physical

Hello -

I just got an offer for a flying job in the ANG. I was flying active duty before I got out, but my 1042 expired in January. So now I've been told I need to go get a Return to Flying Class II Physical. Problem is, I can't go to an active duty clinic because I am still on the IRR so I've got to wait (in the cases I've found so far) 1mo+ for a guard unit with medical folks to have their drill weekend.

Does anyone know of a way to speed up this process because this seems to be the one thing I need to get done before I fill out any other paperwork? Someone told me that my physical should be good for 24 months when transitioning to ANG, but other people (like the Guard unit who hired me) say I need to get a new one first since mine is expired.

Maybe some kind of letter I can take to an AD clinic to get it done?

Any help would be appreciated as I'd like to get the ball rolling a bit faster.

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