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Originally Posted by sensesfail4049 View Post
So Im going to school for ATC/pilot and need to get my medical I have high blood pressure but I dont take meds for it, can I still get my medical and how will this effect me in the future when I need to renew my medical?
Depends on how high it is, I am on Ramipril 10mg for it and have no problem at the AME office every year. They will approve you if it is under 155/95. This is obviously not healthy if it is even remotely close to those numbers, exercise, eat right and see your doctor to get it under control.

There are some BP meds that the FAA does not allow, they are all spelled out online if you google it. Many are ok and you can discuss with your doctor different types if he decides to medicate you. If so, the first time your report it to the FAA, you will need a lot of blood work info from the doctor as well as an EKG report. Each renewal, you only have to have a statement from your doctor reporting no adverse side effects, changes in blood work/condition and 3 separate blood pressure readings. It's all pretty simple once you get past the initial reporting to the FAA.

This is, of course, only a small chunk of the bigger picture and my experience with it. There is a lot more information on the AOPA site as well as other aeromedical sites online. Good luck and hope this helps.
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