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Originally Posted by HIREME View Post
When you have long sits in cities, are you required to be at the FBO/HOTEL etc or can you hit the local course/sightsee etc?
This depends on the type of stby, there are a few different ones. Hot Spare: plane is fueled and ready to go within 30mins. Airport standby: Little less ready than Hot Spare, 45mins to an hour to be ready. Hotel Standby: usually given when the plane is broke or if there is nothing going on, they would like you to be able to leave the hotel within 30-45minutes but as you get to know the company you will be able to easily tell how far from the hotel is safe. Then there is rest and minimum rest at NJA is 10hours and occasionally you will get a lot more. I have had 18 in MYNN so we got to do some exploring, just depends on your fleet. During rest you are free to do as you please and they cannot interrupt it once assigned (12hr rule for alcohol applies).
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