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We have the 401k which is matched 100% for the first 3% of employee contribution. We also have Profit Sharing which varies from year to year and is paid every February. Profit Sharing checks are distributed to your 401K account and are fully vested immmediately and can be allocated as you wish. In the first three years the guys/gals got some HUGE checks. This past year wasnt so great, but the company's profit margin wasnt so great either. We also have a stock purchase plan which allows us to buy company stock at a 15% discount. This program is on a 6month rolling open/close period and has been worth some decent coin if you played your cards right. We are capped at 10% of pay for buying the stock. I'm in my 3rd year hear at Blue and I've grown my 401 by 20 grand since I've been here. My 401K should be pretty repectable by retirement age, but I figure the government will find a way to take that money from me after I retire. Hope I've helped explain this stuff.
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