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Originally Posted by DANCRJ View Post
saddly that'll never happen, there's always a fool (including myself) willing to come to 9E.

To be more useful, I don't think newhires will be going to ATL. It went junior at some point, but after the payrates were passed by the mediator, it went senior again, and now more than ever with no new contract in sight, a lot of senior people will bid for ATL since the pay difference is big, specially on the FO side. Pool numbers, I have no idea, this month we had 1400 hrs cutback on the NW side. I think is going to be very slow, unless the DL operation really kicks in. (I doubt)

Hope it helps.
no, atlanta is still very junior on the fo side. most guys, even with the pay increase dont like the idea of being seat locked for 2 years. i know they can get out of it by upgrading to a 200 or the 900, but upgrades are going senior now, so the prospect of getting stuck in atl when you dont want to be is keeping lots of guys away. the last vacancy had people on the bottom of the list going to atlanta. they have 4 interview sessions scheduled for next month, and the people in the pool right now are all waiting on better places to call. one of the ladies in hr said the majority of the people in the pool are fulroughed pilots from larger airlines. most of them thought there was an early upgrade waiting here, but once they realized that ship had sailed, most bailed out.
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