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The latest vacancy wasn't TOO senior surprisingly. I would have been close to holding ATL CA (the last guy was only 1 class in front of me) and I would have been #2 FO in the bid which would have me in the top 15 or so from when I looked at the last monthly bid. Thats not bad seeing I am still a bit shy of 50% up the overall list. I am still looking for MEM CA though for now.... If there are no MEM openings by the beginning of next year the wifey and I are considering buying in ATL and I will just fly the "9". Mainly to get out of Memphis! I have to watch what I say because I don't have much of a "cloak" but IF I was in the pool (hired or interview) I would try to look at ALL available options before coming here. We are still on wages and a contract signed 10 years ago and the light that was shining at the end of the tunnel just got turned off since the power company cut the juice. Just know what you are getting into.

"Quick" upgrades (as in 2 years or less) are not happening and most likely won't happen any time soon. As I said earlier there are very few CA spots and there have been NONE in the -200 bases (where you will have a long time on rsv and will eventually get lines). ATL is a horror story every time I ask about it unless you are senior in your seat. Airport reserve and little flying with a crew room the size of a shoebox... I feel like a "number" now more than ever and the schedulers, and mgmt folks are not even showing respect towards the pilot group or the current contract. Last month I actually had a scheduler call and tell me I would be fired if I didn't take this assignment after I was bought off- the assignment was illegal per the contract so I did refuse it but there was a good bit of "fear tactic" they were trying to use that I am sure many new FO's would have just done the assignment. Frustrating!
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