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Originally Posted by 7576FO View Post
One of the reasons we taxi slowly is we never know when we'll receive our load closeout over the acars printer. We cannot take-off until we have this. Sometimes we get it before pushback. Sometimes we have to wait in the penalty box for closeout numbers.
We never know. Lots of ATC controller ask, "Hey American do you have your numbers?"
For the whole time i've flown for American pilots have asked for SWA's closeout system of Laptop atog's and agent closeout sheet at main cabin door departure. The answer is always "our system is fine"
I don't think so, we waste tons of fuel waiting on numbers.
At Delta, we get our final numbers over the ACARS, but at the gate, and we still pushback on time. We even get updated numbers as the aircraft is being loaded. I can't imagine what takes the AA load planners and dispatchers so long to generate the numbers.
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