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Default American Flyers and Copa Airlines Team Up to...

()Rip off students.
()Train unexperienced pilots to fly a E190 or 737.
()Provide a cure for the SJS
()Screw up the industry....just a bit more.
()All of the above.


()Make a dream come true.
()achieve a goal faster.
()Avoid CFIing or flying small planes.
()All of the above.

You pick. More options are welcomed.

Well, now Copa Airlines is following the same path as Gulfstream Airlines. What some people call Pay for a Job option is now available and ready to go in Latin America with Copa Airlines. ALL YOU NEED IS CASMELI AND $41,500 and you are set for a right seat job on a E190 or B737NG. Great modern fleet by the way.

American flyers will be in charge of some primary training and selection process.

It is not only for Panama citizens so yeah you have an option if you were intrested and has the cash.

ohhhhhhhhhh well

Here is a link....in spanish though.

American Flyers - Programa Primer Oficial de COPA Airlines

It seems during training you get paid $600 a month and and $3500 a month (that includes 800 bucks housing for foreign pilots) for 60 hours a month.

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