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Basically whats already been stated as far as the materials go however I would recommend an FBO that offers an accelerated program with experience training CFIs. I went from start of class to Checkride in about 3 weeks. No matter what your route it is entirely on your shoulders when you are ready for the checkride. I was averaging about 4 hours/night studying during those three weeks mixed in with some classwork and flights during the day. Bottomline is there is no sense overpaying for this checkride that can be done relatively cheap but if you have to pay extra for quality training than do so. Its a very tough ride but you will come prepared and hopefully feel as prepared as you've ever been.

As far as the CFI market right now. I've applied throughout the midwest with just my CFI ticket and had one interview. The best I can hope for from that is to be hired into a hiring pool and as a prereq for the pool I have to have taken the CFI-I written. I've since taken the FII written and should have a checkride for my II in a couple of weeks so its entirely possible you may have to pay for your II if you plan on being competive in the market.

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