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I agree with all of the above, but make sure YOU work. Your instructor knows what it takes to be a cfi, and they sure as h--- won't sign a logbook just to make you happy. I know. I took a long time to get my cfi, although it should have not taken so long, but I ran out of the money to do any of the training, but I did independent study. When I had the $ to meet with my instructor, we didnt have to work hard on the knowledge because it was already there and apparent. Remember, when I worked as a cfi at Parks a few people failed their cfi initial rides because they did not have all their endorsements, etc. and this is stuff that you as a candidate need to know bar none. Just be ice cold man and know stuff and how to transfer the knowledge.

Remember this, you have to prove everything as a cfi candidate and as a cfi, so already realize the burden of proof is yours.
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