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Originally Posted by Worldguy View Post
If UPS ever falls on hard times it will be interesting to hear FR8K9 and SBs take on things. I hope they never have to wish for industry support. They are the vocal minority shaping a negitive view of a descent majority.

Having been there for those hard times at three Part 121 carriers, it will come as no surprise. I tell the truth, however un-PC it may be, (a position which is actually held be everyone in situations like this (if they're honest)), and I'm the bad guy...fine. In a situation like this one, where it's either guys I don't know or guys I do, I choose the guys I know (as if I have any say in the first place). If Gemini were still around and a DOD contract came up that would result in the demise of you or them, you being so noble would hope that Gemini got the deal...OK sure. But being the up front guy you are, you'd tell the Gemini guys you're rooting for them while walking away hoping just the opposite. Smiling as you jam the knife about duplicitous and dishonest.

For the slow uptake guys I'll say it yet again. We (and even I) have/had nothing to say about this deal, and thought it was going to Fed Ex. Yet due to the perfect storm it has apparently come down to one choice or the other, something I also have no control over. I also won't lose my job or seat if the deal does fall through. I'm the one flying with the guys who might get shown the door, and if I have to place a bet on them or guys at another union that's done nothing for them or me at least I have the guts to tell the truth. Disparage that at your own intellectual peril.
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