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try regeristing at I saw a few jobs in the ATL area, mostly corporate jet, but they do post piston 135 jobs on this site as well. I have been getting on average around three new job listings a day.

Also, I did notice a company that was looking for caravan pilots, but I don't think they specified what area. Definetly a good place to start and perhaps one of these job anoucements might help you make some contacts.

I don't know what your background is, so excuse me if I seem too basic here, but don't be afraid to go out to the airport and poke around. I remember over 12 years ago when I first got out of the Navy and was having trouble finding that first job.... I was talking on the phone with Kit Darby at Air Inc. and was asking about how to find that job. He said, "let me ask you something". "where are the airplanes?" Aggrevated, I replied, "the airport". He said, "well there's your answer, go to the airport and hang out until you get a job". It wasn't natural, but it worked. Stop by Epps aviation at PDK(Peachtree Dekalb), there's a restaurant on PDK that a lot of the pilots eat, good place to poke around and found out where the cargo and charter operators are located. Go by FTY (Fulton County). You got the idea, talk to anybody that will talk to you and you'll make contacts and find that job. Breaking into a new area is difficult, but all it takes is one good contact. Good Luck! Tomcat
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