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Originally Posted by Rudder View Post

You have said in the past that you are around 500 on the list at NWA, are you red or green? If red, could you be holding your present category if all those ahead of you who wanted to be in your seat bid for it?

To make the blanket statement that a 767-400 is senior to you is jading the facts because we have 149 767-400 Captains that are senior to the most junior 777 Captain. The most senior 767-400 Captain is number 9 on our list. The distribution is not straight down the stovepipe. These two categories and the 767ER captains are mixed together simply because of what people bid. I got this off our Oct list, so look it up.

From reading the transcripts, I think that our side gathered all of our intl. captains and ratioed them against yours. So to state that 777 and 767-400 are set against 747 is false, at least if I am reading it right. It sounded like to me that we were counting our 777, 767-400, and 767ER/75 Intl. and we ratioed them against your 747-400, 747-200, A-330, and 757Intl (15% of total). If I am reading this wrong then I apologize, but that's the impression it left me with. The methodology was simply to ratio the amount of international captain positions against yours, and work down the list in the same manner.

I am a LAX 73Capt who has not posted here much because of all the needless arguing both our groups have done, so am trying to stick with numerical facts. I do not claim to like or dislike what our negotiators or yours have done and it is out of our hands now so do NOT want to simply argue for the hell of it. would like to see more factual exchanges across our lines as I think it will help later on.

I hear some of your side say we should be able to keep our seats but then they say DOH. Well, a LOT of us won't keep our seats under that scenario and your side thinks that's fair?

Would like to hear back from you because I have read your posts and you seem to try to be factual. I would also like to know from your side what you think is the future of the 9's and the freighters? I do NOT want these to go away and am not asking for that reason, just want to know from someone who has been there awhile that's all.

Hopefully the beers are plentiful and fights few after this is all over.

There would be no bump and flush so you wouldnt lose your seat. fwiw
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