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To start off, Im a Delta 2001 hire. With this proposal, my relative seniority is identical to what it is right now.

It is my understanding that this list is DALPA's OPENER. Based on that, this list shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone. Im sure the NWA opener will be weighted towards DOH.

I understand that some NWA guys have lost on the relative seniority front on this list. Seeing that the bottom group is all NWA, Im wondering if that hasn't been accounted for in another part of the list. I find it stange that the bottom is all NWA, yet my relative seniority hasn't changed. Make sense?

It is everyone's natural inclination to look at themselves in this situation. If we look at past mergers, often we see one end of the list taking care of itself only to sacrifice the other end. I guess we'll see.

This list is far from the finished product. I will be shocked if this doesn't end in an arbitrated list.
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