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"It shouldn't. Don't buy into the hype. I should know, I'm a Riddle alumnus."

And it was the thread about ERAU i looked up in here with about 1,000 comments like that that helped me reach my decision. Theres no better and more accurate source to consult about that than a Ruddle grad.

"Whether he is or not - let's keep it off the threads please."
I agree with that. I dont know what he's like outside the cockpit. I just know he's a very talented and hard working pilot. Business is seperate from pleasure. lol BTW, ryan1234, are you from Orlando?

"And, sorry, but I have to tweak what you said a little bit. You mentioned before what multi-time is worth...$250. Getting paid to fly a multi is worth its weight in gold. Beyond your MEI (if that's your only option to get your original CFI) you should not pay for multi time. I'm sorry, but I don't understand paying for something that you could get paid for."

Point very well taken. For some reason finding a job that lets me teach people how to fly multi engine aircraft slipped my mind. Foolish of me. I guess i just figured those were harder-to-get CFI slots saved for instructors with many more hours that i'll have. You're absolutly right that getting paid to build up multi time is much better than paying for it with money I barely even have. I'd rather make $12 an hour instructing than pay $250 an hour.
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