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I am training a CFI student right now. He is also overwhelmed with the volume of regs, concepts, and knowledge that is necessary. It takes hard work, unless you are "lucky" enough to be at one of those schools that has sweetheart deals with certain examiners and the CFI ride is a joke. When I was in management, I interviewed some instructor candidates from those schools. They couldn't find their hind ends with both hands.
A few aviation employers actually require that their pilots to have CFI/CFII. These certificates are sometimes viewed as one sign of discipline, tenacity, and knowledge on the part of the applicant. I will also say that I have learned so much from being an instructor and having students. You not only learn more about flying, but you also learn more about how to multi-task better and interact with different types of people while flying. You'll enjoy talking your student through an approach setup in low IFR while listening to ATIS and ATC at the same time. No matter how many times you walk them through it on the ground beforehand, things are always different in the air.
I know the CFI/CFII/MEI training can be overwhelming and frustrating, but I think it is worth it. Personally, I might not be able to get a flying job because I might be too old to afford one. But leaving management to instruct has indeed taught me a lot. I say finish what you started. Unless your school is unprofessional, leaving will not solve the issue. You have probably just hit a plateau - totally normal (remember that from the FOI?) Recognize that it will pass, and keep moving forward.
Good luck.

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