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The CFI course/ride is intense and studying does become very overwhelming. The best advice I have is to push through it because you will only have to make up ground if you take time off and end up spending more money and take away more of your time, etc. Now once you finish the CFI monster, take some time off while you are applying for CFI spots and I think that burnt out feeling will go away. Believe me just finishing the CFI and passing that checkride is a huge weight off your shoulders and should remedy your problem.

As for being burnt out, I was burnt out about halfway through my instrument training. I think a lot of it comes from doing all my training in a part 141 environment like yours where I would fly 3-4 days/week take classes and work weekends. That and my flying just seemed to drag while I was flying part 141. The only thing that kept me from throwing in the towel was passing checkrides and the week of downtime that I would have in between courses.
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