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Here's what I did with any of my students, or any of my co-workers, when you start feeling burnt out. Go do something FUN!!! Literally, something that can completely take your mind off all the daily grind and distractions it brings. Honestly, for my flight students, I'd tell them instead of practicing manuevers etc...just go out and fly around, go find your house, just go enjoy the flight. It does wonders because they'll still get in a flight, and usually come back refreshed.

Now in your case, flying might be the last thing you want to do, but what hobbies do you enjoy? Grab some friends, get out for a day or night, or whatever the case may be. People can't go 100% nonstop until a rating is achieved, it'll bring you down!(Like Riverside was talking about). I've been there, done that, it sucks!!!(but the money was nice)
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