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Originally Posted by Soulshine View Post
and generally have to take it upon myself every couple months to check in to ensure that their plans are still to hire me.


I'm in basically the same position as you. I interviewed in June and have been told I have made the cut. When I talked to Rachelle in Sept she told me they would be calling every month to give us an update, but she didn't call in Oct. My question is how exactly do you contact them, email, call... and do they mind if you do? I don't want to be "that guy", the bothersome one, but I would like to talk to them soon.

Thanks for any info you can pass along.


Soulshine, GoMach2,
I hope you guys get class dates soon. I know you are going to love it once you get started. Hang in there; it is worth it. Call me if you guys make it to Chucktown.
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