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Originally Posted by Rama View Post
Empty leg is part 91-appropriately rated in the aircraft. Insurance mins mean nothing as far as the far's are concerned. To be a true sic you must complete the operators training program and pass the checkride. If the operation does not require sic's then you may sit in the right seat (some places do this since pax may request a second pilot) but not touch the controls or log it.


So, I need to check to see if the company that I'm interested in has an SIC program & pass the their checkride? Correct? If they do, then it's all gravy. Then, I would be able to log the SIC time towards my TT. Now, when the a/c empties and it's just me and the other pilot, then I could easily jump in the left seat (as long as I'm typed for that a/c) and fly as PIC? Right?

If not, and the operation only requires one pilot as you stated above, then I'm just there for the experience of seeing how that particular a/c is flown? Right?

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