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Originally Posted by kman View Post
wow, how low self esteem do u have? How am I full of myself? Being well paid I guess relates to being a skygod and full of myself. I guess the pay raises set off for Flex and CS are a bad thing right? What happens when NJA gets a raise? Others follow. You guys make me sick. We (all of the prof. pilots) deal with so much [email protected] to get where we are, why cant we strive for a great QOL and Pay? The Fracs are finally catching up to the Majors 50% pay cut contracts, and I get b!tched out by every other guy that has the just be greatful attitude. What is so wrong with raising the bar? Don't we deserve it?
Stop wasting your time posting useless information on these boards about how much you SHOULD be making. Tomorrow morning, when you wakeup, dial up the union and immediately volunteer to be on the negotiating committee for the next contract. Anything else is white noise...
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