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Default I'm not an Empire guy, but I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night.

I figured someone from Empire should answer... apparently there's no one using this forum from there. I'm a FedEx guy, and I jumpseat on Empire every once in a blue moon and I have talked to the pilots about "stuff". Here's what I know..

How are upgrades done? is it FO ATR, CA Caravan, CA ATR?
It's all done by seniority. But I don't think they switch guys from Caravan to ATR or vice versa very often.

Is the 200 multi a ahard number for the minimums in the right seat of the ATR? No Idea.

I would like to live in the Seattle area, is SEA senior? No, I don't think so.

And do they have jumpseat privledges (privileges)? No. They operate under part 121, but they have not had jumpseat privileges (at least on FedEx) since 9-11. They do, however, allow us to jumpseat on them still - very gracious! They are not in CASS, FedEx allows only CASS jumpseaters.
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