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Originally Posted by trashhauler
When we get a TA, you have to vote on the merits of the whole TA. You're not always going to get everything you want in a contract. If you are an instructor and are not happy with section 11, you should quit like some people have. There will be plenty of other pilots who will be willing to replace you. I'm sure there will be parts of the contract I won't like, but I'll vote based on the whole package. IMHO.
If you are a Section 9 or Section 11 pilot.......................and really unhappy with the TA's section 11.......

Ask yourself these 2 questions.
1. Other than simply paying dues, what have I done to support the Union and the Negoitiating committee to achieve a Leading contract. (i.e have you enjoyed your days off)

2. Why is my calender blocked??? (refer to question #1)

Oh and by the way........How many folks do you think will actually quit the training Dept under this TA'd section??

My guess zero..............especially the ones who have their calenders blocked?

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