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Originally Posted by captain_drew
Comment (just below) and a 'FWD' from a former FedEx pilot (not me) who now works at a Major -and is counting on our pilot group to help drag the industry UP out of the ditch . The EARLY contract renewal and that comment about 'the good relationship' with USPS was a BITTER slap in the face of the pilot group!
Is Fred paying the MEC union leaders off?[/COLOR]
Drew..........I am not sure exactly you what you are trying to say or what point you are trying to make. Why are you trying to stir the POT, especially since you are enjoying a fairly nice Union negotiated retirement.

To make (unjustifed ) accusations about an Elected Union official taking a payoff from the company serves no purpose except to give the Company PR folks more ammo.

I know your access to VIPs is now cut off..................but what would you have the Leadership do? If the membership (albeit a small number) continues
to undermine the negotiating committee by sacrificing off days..................

Alot of FLEX CAPT's and Check Airman are doing alot of "Voluntary" right seat flying lately so crew skeds can cover trips.

So me a totally unified group and I'll show you a superior contract. Show me a splintered group know the rest.

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