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[QUOTE=Airsupport;538160]the difference is that skywest maintains 2 different headquarters. pinnacle is closing the colgan headquarters in va and moving everything to memphis. at that point the unions can file for single carrier status which will allow us to merge seniority lists.

i know pretty much everyone over here wants it. put an end to the chance of a whipsaw.

i have a few questions for the colgan guys

how many pilots do you guys have right now

how long has the most senior pilot been there

what is the average seniority there

for example i have been at pinnacle a little over 3 years now. i would say 5 years is average and we have 1340 pilots on the seniority list.[/QUOTE

I think around 470 or so but add about 150 for those new ac. Around the top 5-10 guys 10 years....but most senior guys on the Q id say 4-6yrs. I dont think DOH would be fair in terms of colgan guys havent been around as long and a percentage merger wouldnt really change much for anyone. Dumping use in with you guys is like mixing in a teaspoon of surger in a cup of flour...not much of an impact.

My understanding of a percentage would go something like this. If im at colgan holding 20percent than after the merger I would still be in the top 20percent of the entire list.
There would be around 1800-1900 pilots total and if your holding CA at either airline nothing would change. Especially with some sort of fence in place for a couple of years.

Personally I dont think many guys would want to go from one AC or the other inless it was QOL issues (better base for commute). Jumping on PNCL and talking with you guys I get the feeling that the pilot groups are a lot alike and have some of the same work issues..........
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