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Default Nellis Contract Jobs...a couple more...

Hey Fighter guys...

I'm looking to help fill 3-4 test and eval positions at Nellis for a DOD contractor. I need TS/SCI or capable of getting it. Non flying but very tactically oriented. Radar missile shooter experience (F15, F22, F14, F18, F16) required. Test experience desired.

This are for immediate fill. If stuck outside an airline job in a pool or facing a furlough, these jobs will be a good port in a storm for several years. Full benefits, interesting work, and making a big difference for the home team.

Interested? Write me and/or drop a resume to [email protected]. I have filled some UAV assistance positions and a two jobs similar to the above listings, but now we've got a few more positions open.

For those flying in the ANG/Reserves these jobs should be compatible...
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