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Default Want a job? Try nursing, high-tech

There is no question these are very interesting times in which we live. Nobody knows whether the economy has hit bottom and if it has, how fast it will recover. In the meantime, bills have to be paid and everyone has to plan for an uncertain future. If you have any interest or skill outside of flying, you must consider accepting a job in another field. Dreams can be put on hold, but you cannot ignore your family.

From Seattle Times:
By Lornet Turnbull

Seattle Times staff reporter

Lauri Schwinn, center, was among those helping people with résumés and job searches Thursday at the Snohomish County Job Fair in Everett. Amid layoffs, job fairs and "hiring events" continue.

Some useful Web links

USAJOBS - Job Search

National Career Fairs - Find Local Career & Job Fairs In Your Area!

Where the jobs are

Here's a sampling of occupations with the most openings, based on an October 2008 job-vacancy survey:
• Registered nurses

• Software engineers

• Door-to-door salespeople

• Counselors

• Food-preparation workers (including fast food)

Source: state Department of Employment Security
So maybe there isn't work at the post office.

But in this plummeting economy, with jobs disappearing across the country at a rate of almost half a million a month, there are still employers in Washington state looking for people — at all different skill levels and pay grades.

WorkSource, the statewide employment database, lists nearly 15,000 jobs on its Web site: from a retail supervisor at Goodwill, a coffee bar barista at the Hyatt to several positions Microsoft posted in the days after it announced major layoffs.

Many job openings are in the health-care and high-tech industries — registered nurses and pharmacists, software engineers and programmers.

Business & Technology | Want a job? Try nursing, high-tech | Seattle Times Newspaper
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