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Originally Posted by rahc View Post
I've noticed that they start assigning the open time around 9AM eastern. Usually all of the open time assigned within the next hour. I have only once gotten an assignment with less than 15 hrs notice.

Any LAX 767-300ER reserve types out there care to comment on long call assignments? Looks doable from MSP.......
There are only a handful of trips in the category now but that's changing in Apr/May when the first of the LAX 767 domestic category is converted to the 7ER. About 1/4 of the LAX domestic was placed in the 7ER category on the last bid and their first conversions look to be around Apr. The entire domestic LAX 767 category appears to be going 7ER over several bids. Who knows what the bid packages will look like in April and beyond when they throw domestic trips in.
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