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I understand your points, I am just trying to saythat from my experience, the trucking industry worked out pretty well. I am sure that I ran into a little bit of "right place at the right time" type of thing, but I still enjoyed the job and made enough to live comfortably. Even in my first job, I averaged over 10.00hr and was home every night with company paid benefits (everything including insurance for the whole family). For my last trucking job, the average went up to 30.00 per hour. Not going to get rich, but I was living very comfortably and was able to take vacations, go out to eat, and generally enjoy myself without having to wait for the next paycheck.

I'm not trying to say that the trucking industry is glamorous and it is true that the really good jobs are fewer in number, but it seems that is the way with the aviation industry as well. People seem to pile into the lower paying poor treatment companies with hopes for a shot at the big time down the road...and those who are going to be happy or are stuck at a lower level for their career (more of the majority today) will end up making about what I made driving truck. Truck driving is not for everyone but it is not for nobody either. Some enjoy it, such as I did.

Oh, and I get the point about taking my tanker into a corner too fast, but its relative. If I take my jet into a runway too fast I am likely to see the same result. I may make it out but I may not. I don't really see the differrence. Follow the rules and operate in every industry. Thats why experience gets you those "good" jobs, and for me, hauling fuel for the company that I was hauling for was as good a job as I have ever had...flying included!
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