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Originally Posted by loubetti View Post
So, what you are saying is that the "the bitter, old, cranky SOB that we have all had to sit next to at some time or another" coudn't pull off a water landing on the Hudson river that day?

So, Sully did the job that some of you, or perhaps the person who sits next to you could not do?

That's not exactly confidence inspiring.
Seriously? I'm sorry my sarcasm passed you over without being fully understood. There is a good chance that most professional airline pilots could have pulled off the actual landing in the same conditions. What you don't get is that the physical act of flying the plane is such a small part of the whole story. The professionalism that has been displayed after the fact is what is missing from this society. Everything these days is about passing the blame to somebody else or exploiting anything good for personal gain.

For as much as we have seen of Sully on TV, there is no doubt that if he was in this for personal gain he would be on ten times more magazines and TV shows. And likewise if things wouldn't have gone quite so well, he seems like the kind of guy that would still be out there taking responsibility for his actions. I think it's called integrity, and unfortunately it is in short supply in every profession.
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