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Originally Posted by ⌐ AV8OR WANNABE View Post
Agree 100%.

Also, not sure if it played any role in his (Sully's) sub-conscious reasoning but nevertheless as a glider pilot (which I believe applies to Sully too) being able to look out at your approximate landing zone from your side window helps tremendously when judging the landing itself. Since they were in a left turn and Sully was in the left seat that might have helped him in his decision too.

Overall, he scored a perfect glider landing!

I've heard many people mention CA Sullenberger's glider experience but I wonder how much it really might have helped. I don't have any glider experience myself but it would seem that without some knowledge of any aircraft's gliding performance that there wouldn't be a sight picture developed. Matter of fact - I could see a glider pilot trying to apply his glider sight picture to an aircraft not capable of such performance and making a serious error in judgment. It has been a long time since I flew GA and my current aircraft doesn't have a best glide airspeed but at least smaller GA aircraft havea best glide airspeed and even have a published glide ratio correct? Do CRJ/ERJ, Q400, and larger airliners have such figures available?

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