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Default SeaTac and Mt. Redoubt

From Seattle Times:

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is seeing a spike in visits from large Boeing wide-body 747 air cargo jets diverted from Alaska's Anchorage airport because of ash from the Mount Redoubt volcano eruption.

During the first four days of the eruption, 45 cargo aircraft have diverted to Sea-Tac, primarily from major Asian cargo carriers Korean Air Cargo, EVA Air Cargo and China Airlines Cargo.

Typically, Sea-Tac would see about 15 cargo jet arrivals per week for these carriers, but since Monday that has increased to 10 to15 arrivals a day.

Sea-Tac staff expect another 30 or more diversions from these same carriers in the next two days. If volcanic activity persists at Mount Redoubt, further cargo plane diversions are likely.
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