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Originally Posted by LodyDivots View Post
Everyone's opinion will differ, but comparing an airline pilot to a bus driver, or truck driver, is much more realistic, IMHO, than comparing an airline pilot to a doctor, which is what some people like to do. The job of airline pilot, bus driver, and truck driver ALL involve operating a large vehicle, with passengers, an/or cargo, from point A to point B. That is a much better comparison, per job tasks, and responsibilities, than trying to compare flying an airplane to performing life saving surgery.
Then why does my father, a surgeon and pilot, talk about all the similarities between the two skill sets? Instrument flying, complex, systems, CRM, and rote procedures, according to him, all hold strong similarity to medical work.

Just because one facet of the industry is in the toilet pay-wise doesn't mean you need to denigrate the profession. I'm not saying truck driving and bus driving aren't challenging careers. What I am saying, however, is that flying can still be mentally stimulating and challenging if you want it to be. When I worked for a 121 operation, you wouldn't believe all the ASAP reports I read that dealt with people screwing up. It's a dirty little secret, but through managing an ASAP program, I can assure you that operating an aircraft in today's litigious world is a lot different than operating a motor vehicle.

On another note, this career is what you make of it. If you see yourself as a button-pushing monkey, you're going to fall into that trap. Self-fulfilling prophecies are incredibly influential on how we conduct ourselves and represent the profession.
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