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Originally Posted by New B View Post
What do the hours of service for an airline/cargo pilot look like? As far as the DOT hours go it's 11 hours driving, 10 hours off duty and no more than 70 hours without 34 hours off duty.
And here is how those hours really work, 11hrs @ 65mph= 715 miles, so as I sit in traffic, get fuel, grab a bite to eat, and end up off the interstate I average 45mph on a trip. 715/45=15.8 hrs, so i put down 11 hrs of driving and 715 miles in the book when I stop and now I am 4.8 hrs into my 10 hr break, 5.2 remaining. Wait 1 hr on a shower(4.2 remaining) so I go to sleep for about 4 hrs, grab a red bull to drink in the morning and do it all again. 16 Hrs of A$$ in seat time everyday with a six hour break.
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